Voters Services

High Schools Voter Information Program 2021   
In keeping with our mission stated on the homepage of this website the LWV works to provide voters with information regarding the voter registration process, in-person and mail-in voting, and election and candidate information. Each year, leagues all over the country work closely with schools to reach and build student voters empowered to begin a life-long practice
of civic engagement and voting.  A Letter to High School Educators explains the program further.  Available below are three downloadable resources that we hope help you build voter registration and education into your current curriculum: 2021 Lehigh County HS Voter Registration and Education Final, Frequently Asked Questions and HS Teacher Resources 1-4  We also offer an Election Calendar for 2021 on this website.
Barbara Connolly, Chair, Voter Registration,

Voter Registration and Tabling

You may email your request that we exhibit at your event to the Chair of Voter Registration and Tabling.  Put “Voter registration and tabling request” in the subject line and send it to


Candidate Forums

Information about upcoming Candidate Forums is published in the Events section of our Facebook account.
Click here for our Candidate Forums policy.  Candidates, if you would like to set up a candidate forum with us, send an email ASAP to  Put “Candidate Forum Request” in the subject line.

In Fall 2019, we moderated two candidate forums.  We also sent press releases to local media before the forums.  Below are articles that appeared in the local press.

Pictured above, Lehigh County candidates [Commissioner At-Large] discuss taxes, development during debate

Forum focuses on candidates for commissioner [South Whitehall]

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

The League of Women Voters of Lehigh County participated in the Allentown Art Museum’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in January. Abigail Simmons, Adult and College Program Manager, told us that the Museum planned to celebrate King’s legacy virtually “by spotlighting the local people and places that are making a difference in our community” on their website.  Below, from left to right, Mary Erdman, Barbara Connolly, and Jan Little were among the “Hometown Heroes” whose photos were accompanied by a short explanation of why they volunteered for the organization. The Museum created a video commemorating the Celebration.  Click here for the video. Barbara Connolly, Voter Registration and Tabling Chair, appears at the 2:55 minute-point of the 3:40 minute video.


Voters Guides
Please go to “Current Election => Voters Guide” section on this website.

Legislative Interviews
Every winter, we interview our local state legislators about specific issues.  Their responses are posted on the “Legislative Interviews=>Special Interests” section on this website.

Voter Registration deadline

In Pennsylvania, since Act 77 was enacted into law on October 31, 2019, the deadline to register to vote is 15 days prior to each election. Applications received after that date should be processed in time to participate in the next election.  That said, it is important to allow the voter registration office ample time to process completed forms.  If you miss the deadline, you can register to vote the day after the election.

Election Calendar

Click here for more information about registration deadlines and other important dates on the Pennsylvania State Department website.  The Government Directory section of this website includes the Election Calendar.  We refer to the Election Calendar approved by the Chief Clerk – Registration and Elections at the Lehigh County Voter Registration Office.