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Voters Guide Online

Starting May 9, click on 2019 Voter’s Guide for the Municipal Primary that will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.  This edition includes races taking place in Lehigh and Northampton counties and was inserted into the edition received by subscribers on Thursday, May 9.  That morning, the newspaper made additional copies to the League of Women Voters of Lehigh and Northampton counties.  The Lehigh County league delivered copies to several Voters Guide Recipients in our county.

Did you know? Many of the races in the 2019 Municipal Election will be similar to those in 2015.  You can review the races in the 2015 voters guide.

Also! The League of Women Voters of PA offers an online voters guide called Vote411 to all Pennsylvanians.  The guide for the 2019 Municipal Primary will go live in late April.  Links to this guide as well as links to Vote411 and other useful information for voters can be found on the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania homepage.  The information about the statewide races was collected by the state league.

The information about the local races was collected by LWV of Lehigh County.  Candidates completed their own online questionnaires on VOTE411 or completed a Paper Questionnaire that they emailed or mailed in to us.

Do you know the responsibilities of our county commissioners and other elected officials in the county?  Click here for an outline. (coming soon)

Gathering information about races and candidates

Timothy A. Benyo, Deputy Chief Clerk, Registration and Elections, sent us spreadsheets listing the races, candidates and their mailing addresses.  The day after the deadline for candidates to submit their petitions, clerks enabled us to visit the office so we could write down the email addresses that candidates provided without touching the documents.  Thanks to the support of this office, we were able to send letters and emails to the candidates, asking them to confirm the information we had gleaned, their biographical information and responses to non-partisan questions.

The printed version of the Voters Guide

Thank you to The Morning Call for continuing support of our non-partisan, twice-yearly Voters Guide.

We forward candidate information to the Morning Call for publication.

League members met at a member’s home to distribute copies of the Voters Guide.

The newspaper always gives us hundreds of extra copies to distribute around the county.  This involves a counting or “bundling” party at which members make bundles of varying numbers and mark them for delivery to libraries, community centers, social agencies, and various other places where voters can picked them up.  Often, Pat and Burke Swan have offered their home for us to do this on the same day as The Morning Call publishes the Voters Guide.  Burke and Pat Swan pick up the copies early in the morning and bring them to their home.  Volunteers arrive at 10:30 a.m. or arranged to pick up copies later in the day. We finish about noon, then depart to make our deliveries.

Below is a list of the members who processed copies for mailing and also bundled copies for distribution and delivered the bundles to locations within the county.

  1. Charles Barker
  2. Donna Barker
  3. Ann Bartholomew
  4. Barbara Connolly
  5. Ruth Dex
  6. Molly Faust
  7. Lynn Kokolus
  8. Jan Little
  9. Sue Phillips
  10. Dorothy Shackelford
  11. Kathy Stagl
  12. Burke Swan
  13. Pat Swan
  14. Cheryl Winters-Tetreau

Members took additional copies to distribute to additional locations.

Looking ahead, members, please email at if you can come to help or distribute copies of the next Voters Guide.  Thank you.
Jan Little, President and Editor, Government Directory, Voters Guide

Reminder: The League of Women Voters helps people register to vote, but we DO NOT maintain the lists of registered voters. If you have a problem with your registration, contact the Lehigh County Voter Registration Office at 610-782-3194.