Hot Topics Lunches

Dates of Presentations for 2020-2021

Click on the title in blue to go to the recorded presentation on YouTube.

For 2020:

September 14, “You’ll Miss Us When We’re Gone” Bill White
October 12, “Can We End Gerrymandering – What is Next for Pennsylvania?” Mary Erdman
November 9, Vicky Kistler, Director of the City of Allentown Health Department “The Allentown Health Department – from Environmental Health Services to Covid-19”
November 9
December 14

For 2021: January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12

We typically schedule Hot Topics Luncheons on the second Monday of every month from September through April. 

Due to COVID-19, we are not holding Hot Topics Luncheons at The Superior Restaurant this membership year as we have in recent years.  Instead, members view presentations using Zoom; we send invitations electronically to our members.  The following day, members and the public may view a recording of the presentation posted on YouTube.  Just click on the title of the presentation listed above.  You will be taken to the right webpage on YouTube.

Check back here later to learn when we plan to resume holding Hot Topics Luncheons at the Superior Restaurant for members and the public.  Or, become a member and receive notification via email.  The membership application is available in the Membership section of the website.