Pay Equity

The Fight for Pay Equity: A State Road Map for Pennsylvania

At the December Hot Topics Luncheon. Toni Hoffman and Susan McNamara, Past Public Policy Chairs, American Association of University Women, spoke on the extent of the gender wage gap and what to do about it. According to the AAUW, as efforts stall at the federal level, states can enact legislation to help women and families at the local level.

Pennsylvania has some equal pay protections, but they are incomplete.  To close the pay gap in the Commonwealth, the Equal Pay Act must be amended to include the five elements: cover all employees, offer protections, clarify employer defenses, establish strong legal procedures and remedies and comparable worth.

At the Lehigh Valley Women’s Advocacy Coalition (LVWAC) March Meeting, we learned that there are five bills in the state house in Harrisburg to carry out these five goals to a greater or lesser degree. Four of these bills pale in comparison to HB1243, Equal Pay Legislation. Brian Sims, D-182, Philadelphia, is the prime sponsor of that bill. It supports all five goals. The bill was referred to the House Labor and Industry Committee on April 19, 2017. That is almost a year ago! Let’s contact our local representatives and tell them how much closing the gender wage gap means to us.

We should thank the two representatives from our county who are cosponsors: Peter Schweyer, D-22, and Jeanne McNeill, D-133. Representative McNeill is one of two from Lehigh County who are members of the Labor and Industry Committee. The other is Ryan E. Mackenzie, R-134. You can ask them to ask the chairs of the Labor and Industry Committee to vote the equal pay legislation out of committee. Please contact me if you would like more information about this issue.

Click here and scroll down to “Details” to read the article about the presentation written by Julie Swan, Member, the League of Women Voters of Northampton County.

Janet Little, LWVLC President

New! The next Lehigh Valley Women’s Advocacy Coalition (LVWAC) meeting will be held on August 14 at the Community Room at PBS39 in Bethlehem. Meetings usually start at 8:30 am.


Carrie Santoro, Director, Civic Engagement, Make the Road Pennsylvania is our speaker and will talk about how to run an ethical campaign and engage citizens at the same time.
Here are the Agenda for Meeting on August 14, 2018 and information about the #MeToo Policy Agenda in PA from Women’s Law Project that might be of interest to you. It is titled “Pennsylvania’s Sexual Harassment Protections are Inadequate: Our Recommendations for a #MeToo Policy Agenda in PA.”

For more information about the last meeting, click on Notes from the Meeting held on May 8

The next meeting will be August 14th at the Community Room at PBS39 in Bethlehem. Meetings usually start at 8:30 am.

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