Legislative Interviews

2018 Legislative Interviews

At the beginning of 2018, we received from the PA League a cover letter and a set of interview questions to ask the state legislators who represent the citizens of Lehigh County in the PA State Assembly.  The purposes of these legislative interviews are:

• To learn where legislators stand on specific issues so the League can be a better advocate on our positions.
• To educate legislators about issues the League cares about and to let them know our position on those issues.
• To help Leagues build a relationship with their legislators.

We appreciate the members listed below who interviewed local legislators on behalf of our local League and the Pennsylvania League.   Also, we want to thank student members Audrey Danek, Kaitlyn Moyer and Erin Ondush for inputting the content of the reports written by the interviewers into the online format provided by the PA League.  This format enabled the PA League to make the reports available to the public online much sooner.  You can also read the reports by clicking on the name of the officeholder listed below with the member(s) who conducted interview.


Legislative Interviews Completed

Canceled by officeholder

  • Simmons:  *Molly Faust, Kathy Stagl


Legislative Interviews Completed

At the beginning of 2019, we will receive a similar cover letter and a different set of questions from the state League.   Members, please consider volunteering to schedule the appointment(s) with your legislator(s) and carry out the interview(s).  Invite a fellow member/constituent to join you as it is a good idea for two or three members to join the interview; one interviewer can become overwhelmed.  At least one of the interviewers should be a constituent of the legislator being interviewed.  Then, one member should conduct the interview and another member could write and report the legislator’s answers to the questions and a third member could submit the report to the PA League and also our League’s Action Chair.  Please contact the Action Chair if you are interested.


*means a member of the board of directors of the Lehigh County league

** means a member of the board of directors of the Northampton County league

Click here for a list of local leagues in Pennsylvania and links to their websites.