Legislative Interviews

2021 Legislative Interviews are scheduled and carried out via Zoom.  Other legislators may opt to complete the editable questionnaire and submit it to the team leader.

The names of each legislative interview team appear below.  Click on the name of the officeholder to open the report.


  • Gary W. Day: 
  • Ryan Mackenzie: 
  • Zachary Mako:  .
  • Jeanne McNeill: 
  • Michael Schlossberg: Julie Ambrose, Rochelle Kaplan, and Bob Elbich
  • Peter Schweyer:  
  • Justin Simmons: 


  • Lisa M. Boscola:  
  • Patrick M. Browne:

Legislative Interviews are conducted annually.  The purposes are:

• To learn where legislators stand on specific issues
so the League can be a better advocate on our positions.

• To educate legislators about issues the League cares about and
to let them know our position on those issues.

• To help Leagues build a relationship with their legislators.

Early in the year, we receive from the PA League a packet that includes a cover letter and interview questions to ask the state legislators who represent the citizens of Lehigh County in the PA State Assembly this year.