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League Principles guide our local league in all that we do. Over the years, the local leagues in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have reached consensus on the state League’s positions on many topics, including natural resources. For example, in October 2018, Molly Faust, Secretary, led us through the procedure to reach a consensus on the PA League’s Election Law Review and Update.  Additionally, our local league adopted a Solid Waste Management Consensus and a Local Water Consensus in the early 1970’s. We have updated these positions several times since. You can read these and Transportation Needs in the Lehigh Valley Consensus and Tax Base Sharing Consensus included in Positions on Local Issues.  Being properly prepared with grass roots-developed positions in the League’s arsenal; we do whatever we can to influence legislation and programs for the betterment of communities on all levels of government.  A good example of How League Consensus Positions Are Used was written by Chris Herbener for our newsletter, The Voter.

Here are two of PA League’s positions on environmental issues.

Land Use
Support more comprehensive statewide land use planning and adoption of a comprehensive land use policy; support a comprehensive program for the preservation of agricultural and open space lands for Pennsylvania; promote environmentally sound agricultural practices in Pennsylvania.

Natural Gas Extraction from Marcellus Shale
Support the maximum protection of public health and the environment in all aspects of Marcellus Shale natural gas production, the prevention of burdening the taxpayer with costs of industrialization and unanticipated consequences.

For more information about the environment and water issues, go to Links.

We focus on the environment year round.  We are participating in a grant called Straight Scoop on Shale.

Do you know about Plastic Free July?


Forwarded by Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth

Pennsylvania’s Better Path Coalition officially launched its Article 1, Section 27 campaign on Election Day when our volunteers gathered signatures at their polling locations on the petition we’ll deliver to every state legislator and Governor Wolf in January. One of our volunteers spent 11 hours on her feet in the rain to collect 336 signatures! Another collected 11 pages of signatures. And they were among the many volunteers who asked if they can keep collecting signatures in their communities!

Article 1, Section 27 is our state’s environmental rights amendment. PA is one of only two states to have one, yet it’s been largely overlooked since it was adopted in 1971. In recent years, thanks to an historic ruling by our state Supreme Court, the amendment is playing an important role in the courts, but it is still largely ignored by our elected officials who swear to uphold our constitution, not just parts of it, when they take office.

It’s time for that to change.

We are planning two days of action and events in Harrisburg that start on, appropriately enough, 1/27. We didn’t just choose that date to be clever. It’s soon after the beginning of the new session when all our legislators will be sworn in and just a week after the Governor’s inauguration.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. –The Lorax

On Sunday 1/27, we’re planning an action in Harrisburg that will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Franklin Kury, the former state representative who authored the amendment. Other confirmed panelists include Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper and author of the book, The Green Amendment, and Jordan Yeager, one of the attorneys who won the historic Supreme Court ruling mentioned above.

On Monday 1/28, children dressed as the Lorax will deliver copies of the petition, as well as copies of The Lorax, to every state legislator and Governor Wolf.

Here’s how you can get involved!

1. Circulate a paper petition in your community!

2. Sign and share the online version of our petition right now!

3. DONATE to help us purchase 205 copies of The Lorax to deliver to every state legislator and Governor Wolf. Your donations will also help us purchase materials to make Lorax costumes for the children who will deliver the petitions and books, as well as other campaign expenses.

4. Sign up to receive campaign updates on the actions we have planned for January 27th (1/27) and 28th in Harrisburg, including a panel discussion with the author of Article 1, Section 27 and delivery of our petition, along with a copy of The Lorax, to the Governor and every legislator by children dressed as The Lorax.

5. Save the dates so you can join us for these important days of action!

6. Parents, if you’d like to bring your children to Harrisburg to help with the petition delivery, email us at betterpathpa@gmail.com.


We have scheduled a speaker to present a topic about the environment:

Mar. 11 – “The Work of the Wildlands Conservancy and its Impact on the Local Environment,” Christopher M. Kocher, President, Wildlands Conservancy

Scheduling a topic related to the environment  continues a long-time trend.  An example is posted below.

..Hot Topics Luncheon for April 2018: a Report

Date: Monday, April 9, 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

Topic: “Climate Change”

Presentation by: the Citizens Climate Lobby, a grassroots, non-profit, nonpartisan advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.

Guest Speaker: Randy Gyory, Pennsylvania State Co-Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby

Topic: A market–based solution for a healthy, livable climate

The second Hot Topics Luncheon presentation that focused on the environment took place on April 9.   Barbara Williams introduced Randy Gyory, Pennsylvania State Co-Coordinator, for Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL.)  Twenty-five attendees learned about CCL’s legislative proposal, Revenue Neutral Carbon, Fee & Dividend, and how it works.  We welcomed four non-members to the luncheon.  One of them, joined that day: Fred Bomberger.  Welcome!

Julie Swan, member of the league in Northampton County and a contributor to the Bethlehem Press, wrote the piece that appears in the May issue of The Voter.  We appreciate Julie writing the piece that we also posted on our Facebook account. You can read it by clicking here.  The pdf version of the PowerPoint has been posted elsewhere on this website on “Environment” under “Issues.”