We hold Voter Registration events upon request.

Interested in becoming a member?  We welcome new members all year.  Click here for the Membership Application 2021.

Membership and dues are essential if we are to carry on the work of the League at the local, state and national leagues. We must continue to maintain and increase our membership to remain an effective lobbying force. Remember, you don’t have to be highly informed to be a member – we learn together. If you can’t attend our events, The Voter newsletter can keep you up to date.


Until recently, Hot Topics Luncheons were held at The Superior Restaurant in Emmaus, PA.

We hold Voters Services such as voter registration drives, candidate forums, “How to Run for Public Office” Workshop.  We also pursue many Special Interests including naturalization ceremonies, Census 2020, environmental issues and Universal Human Rights.

We held Hot Topics Luncheons in the Banquet Room at the Superior Restaurant in Emmaus until COVID-19 in spring 2020.  Now, we hold Hot Topics programs via Zoom webinar.  Your separate contributions to The LWV-Education Fund  offset the cost of this room when we can meet as well as the printing of the Government Directory that is also available online.

League members met at a member’s home to prepare the Voters Guide for distribution.

We hold our Annual Meeting luncheon on a Saturday in May.  We follow a formal script to vote in new board members, review the positions on local issues and attend to other administrative needs.  Materials from the last meeting, including Positions on Local Issues are posted.  Your participation in our local League will help to keep us vital and you’ll find the League is more informative when you are involved. Time commitment can be brief, moderate or lasting.

Are you concerned with restoring confidence in the political process and promoting increased involvement of citizens in the civic life of their communities? If so, then now is a great time to become a member.