Legislative Interviews

Each year we receive a packet from the PA League that includes a cover letter and interview questions to ask the state legislators who represent the citizens of Lehigh County in the PA State Assembly. The purpose of these interviews is to:

  • Learn where legislators stand on specific issues so the League can be a better advocate on our positions.
  • Educate legislators about issues the League cares about and to let them know our position on those issues.
  • Help Leagues build a relationship with their legislators.

Interviews performed for 2021.


  • Gary W. Day
  • Ryan Mackenzie
  • Zachary Mako
  • Jeanne McNeill
  • Michael Schlossberg – Julie Ambrose, Rochelle Kaplan, and Bob Elbich
  • Peter Schweyer – Mary Erdman, Barbara Williams
  • Milou Mackenzie


  • Lisa M. Boscola
  • Patrick M. Browne