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Government Directory of Federal and State Officials serving Lehigh County (2018 edition)
A printed brochure is available for free in local libraries and community centers.
The digital version of the brochure may be downloaded here: 2018 Government Directory

Our Government Directory may also be viewed online at this web site. Updates and corrections will be posted here. Find out who is representing you on school boards and county and municipal boards. Also see how much elected board members receive as a stipend, the last year of their current term, and their party affiliation based on their most recent election to office.

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2019 Government Directory and/or 2019 Supplement to the 2018 Government Directory

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Thank you to the following sponsors for donating to the LWV-Education Fund:  Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. and Keystone Consulting Engineers, Lehigh County Medical Society, and Peter K. Ryan, Realtor.

2018 Government Directory

Thank you to the following sponsors for donating to the LWV-Education Fund: ACLU of Pennsylvania, Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter, County of Lehigh, Keystone Consulting Engineers, Lehigh County Medical Society, and A Concerned Citizen.