Election 2021

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Election 2020

B Ballot Press Release  Lehigh County To Offer “B” Ballots Starting October 28th
Voters can pick up a “B” Ballot if they did not receive their mail-in ballots by this date.

The result of the decision about Drop Boxes made on October 15 found here.
This and other important notices made by the Lehigh County government found here.

Voter Registration and Election Participation

Board members have answered questions concerning voter registration and participation in the election on November 3 from the public. Here is an example that may benefit readers.

Q. I live in Lehigh County. If I request a mail-in ballot for Nov. 3, can I later decide to vote in person instead? Or, am I then committed to vote by mail-in ballot? I would rather vote with mail-in, but sometimes I get concerned that it won’t be delivered by the post office or that the post office’s ability to do their job will be undermined. I want to keep my options open.

A.  Tim Benyo, Lehigh County Elections & Voter Registration advises that “You have a couple options. You can take your unvoted ballot to the polls, stand in line, surrender it to a poll worker, sign a declaration, get another paper ballot from the poll worker, vote it and place it in a scanner. Or you can drop your voted mail ballot in any of the 5 drop boxes throughout the County.  (On October 15, the Lehigh County Election Board will approve Drop Box Procedures before field distribution.) If you want to skip all of the middle people, you can come to my office and hand it to a person anytime up to 8pm on Election Day.”  Additional information may be found in the following press releases issued by the Lehigh County Public Information office.
Lehigh County Mail-In Voting Press Release
Lettered_County Drop Boxes Announcement Press Release_table(1)
Lehigh County Drop Box Procedures Press Release[1]
The result of the decision about Drop Boxes made on October 15 found here.
B Ballot Press Release  Lehigh County To Offer “B” Ballots Starting October 28th
Voters can pick up a “B” Ballot if they did not receive their mail-in ballots by this date.

Addendum: Just another clear reminder that if you are using a mail-in ballot; make sure you use BOTH envelopes provided. You certainly don’t want to be guilty of sending in a “Naked Ballot!” And send it back early – be a “Voter in October!” Please share this information!

Q. Another piece of information: How can I track the progress of my mail ballot?
A. From when your county receives your mail ballot request to when they receive your voted ballot, you can track the progress of your absentee or mail-in ballot at VotesPA.com/MailBallotStatus

Information about registering to vote and all types of voting procedures available since Act 77 was passed is posted in the election calendar page in the Government Directory section.   The election calendar includes dates changed on March 27 due to COVID-19.  Embedded in the information are links to applications and forms in English and Spanish and links to online information posted on the PA Department of State website.

For a list of races and candidates and information about polling places, go to the Lehigh County Voter Registration webpage.

For information about candidates and races in the upcoming election, go to “Current Election” submenu in “Voters Guide.” 

Student Voting Guide

For information on how to use the new voting machines in Lehigh County starting with the Municipal Election November 5, 2019, go to How to Cast Your Vote.

For more information about voters registration and elections, go to “Links.

Recent Elections On November 5, 2019,the MUNICIPAL ELECTION was held.  Here are the 2019 Municipal Election Totals.

Candidates in the Municipal Primary and Election 2019 competed in races for local positions governing Lehigh County and its 25 municipalities (Cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, Boroughs and Townships) and the school boards of 10 public school systems, Judge Of The Court Of Common Pleas and Magisterial District Justices. Do you know the Local Elected Office Job Descriptions?

For these elections, our local League and LWV of Northampton County contacted candidates for local offices.  The PA League contacted candidates competing for Judge Of The Superior Court, a statewide office.  The finalized information appeared in VOTE411 published by the LWVPA and in the following editions of the Voters Guide published by The Morning Call.
Voters Guide for the 2019 Municipal Primary 
Voters Guide for the 2019 Municipal Election

Many candidates took a Running for Local Office Workshop that we put on in January 2019 at the
DeSales University Center, Center Valley, PA.  Check that webpage for the latest information.

Voting Resources

Two online voting resources for students and first-time voters from
the Center for School, College & Career Resources
College Voter Prep Guide
Navigating the Election Process for Students & First Time Voters

Two additional resources from Center for School, College & Career Resources
Accreditation & Online Colleges
Earn a Degree Online in 2018

*Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Remedial Plan

New Congressional district map released by Supreme Court of PA
(Morning Call report)

Click here for a detailed map of the new Congressional district map of 2018.

Click here for information about the map from the PA Department of State.

** The League of Woman Voters is a non-partisan organization. **
While individual members often support candidates and are active in their campaigns,
and members run for office themselves, the organization does neither
and our board members do not participate in election campaigns.