Election 2019

Candidates in the Municipal Primary and Election 2019 will compete in races for local positions governing Lehigh County and its 25 municipalities (Cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, Boroughs and Townships) and the school boards of 10 public school systems and Magisterial District Justices.

The PA League will contact candidates competing in statewide races Judge Of The Superior Court (Vote for not more than Two) and Judge Of The Court Of Common Pleas (Vote for One).

Many candidates took a Running for Local Office Workshop that we put on earlier this year at the
DeSales University Center, Center Valley, PA.

Election Calendar

The election calendar is posted in the Government Directory section.

In May 21, 2019 the MUNICIPAL PRIMARY ELECTION will be held.

On November 5, the MUNICIPAL ELECTION will be held.

For information about candidates in the upcoming election, after May 9, go to the section about the  “Voters Guide“.

For more information about voters registration and elections, go to “Links“.

Voting Resources

Two online voting resources for students and first-time voters from the Center for School, College & Career Resources.

College Voter Prep Guide

Navigating the Election Process for Students & First Time Voters

Two additional resources from Center for School, College & Career Resources.

Accreditation & Online Colleges

Earn a Degree Online in 2018

*Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Remedial Plan

New Congressional district map released by Supreme Court of PA
(Morning Call report)

Click here for a detailed map of the new Congressional district map.

Click here for information from the PA Department of State.

** The League of Woman Voters is a non-partisan organization. **
While individual members often support candidates and are active in their campaigns,
and members run for office themselves, the organization does neither
and our board members do not participate in election campaigns.