Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2020

With the uncertainty about when COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted and whether our members would even feel comfortable gathering as a group so soon on May 16, we have decided to cancel the in-person meeting and handle the necessary business online. Even though we canceled the in-person meeting, we are still compiling the information we normally distribute in printed form.  Below are the sections of the Annual Meeting 2020 Packet you may download, read on the screen or print at your leisure.

President’s Annual Message

Committee and Portfolio Reports

Hot Topics Luncheons 2020-2021

Nominating Committee Report

Positions on Local Issues

Treasurer’s Report

Income and Expenditures through April 30, 2020

Balance Sheet as of April 30, 2020

LWVLC Budget 2020-2021

LWVLC Budget Notes 2020-2021

Secretary Report on 2019 Annual Mtg Minutes


Audit 2019-20 (TBA)

Annual Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2020